Android as a Sever OS

So 2016 is the year, or at least it is supposed to be. The year when 64-bit ARM chips finally make their way into servers and perhaps start getting wheeled through the loading bays of actual data centers to start running real workloads alongside the Xeon processors that by and large dominate in the glass house.

Imagine Android the to be server OS of the future.
Android has extensive energy saving functions where as the ARM chips have very good power per watt ratings.

If you compare a Xeon-E5 with a Cortex-A57 ARM Cpu things look very good in terms of energy consumption.


An Aiyara cluster is a low-powered computer cluster specially designed to process Big Data. The Aiyara cluster model can be considered as a specialization of the Beowulf cluster in the sense that Aiyara is also built from commodity hardware, not inexpensive personal computers, but system-on-chip computer boards. Unlike Beowulf, applications of an Aiyara cluster are scoped only for the Big Data area, not for scientific high-performance computing. Another important property of an Aiyara cluster is that it is low-power. It must be built with a class of processing units that produces less heat.

Like Beowulf, an Aiyara cluster does not define a particular software stack to run atop it. A cluster normally run Linux operation systems. Commonly used Big Data software stacks are Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.


Big data  data clusters on commodity hardware



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