DevOPS what is it?

My humble opinion is that DevOPS is a ‘new’ way how we could operate our IT environment from release  and operation support by shifting the emphasis on the performance of the entire system from source code to end-user and business value.
DevOps is a new approach to software development and deployment which emphasizes the interdependence of the development and operations teams. Bringing Dev and Ops closer together is crucial to keeping pace while still delivering solutions with certainty. We make sure we find the best tools, processes and people to deliver solutions that allow clients to remain relevant, responsive and reliable.
This automatically means that monitoring the right way and using the right tools is essential to adopt DevOPS the right way.
How many companies operate is silo’s  and only watch the performance of a specific application or single department or individual.
So what happens if an issue needs to be tackled across multiple departments?
Yes it will often bounce like a game of ping pong.
Developers, infrastructure teams and application support should be properly aligned and have implemented a proper feedback loop where every release is tested and monitored fully from build, QA to the end user.
This focus will have a positive effect on all business value streams that are enabled by IT. This process works in a linear fashion ensuring that defects are never passed along.
The emphasis is on increasing feedback and understanding of all teams involved. The outcomes of this will be increased communication and responding to all customers, internal and external, shortening and amplifying all feedback loops, and embedding knowledge where and to whom it’s needed.
Open information sharing across departments would be a mandatory requirement.
Culture of the experiment and learning are equally important: experimentation and practice. Embedding this in the working culture – where learning from taking risks, and repetition and practice are encouraged – is key to mastery. Risk taking and experimentation promote improvement, whilst mastery provides the skills required to revert any mistakes.
That is DevOPS! a healthy dose of taking risks to try out new things that may or may not be implemented in Production. This is what makes a organization that adopts this practice much more flexible.


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